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Koichi Tohei Sensei's Shokushu (Ki Sayings)

There's so much knowledge and wisdom out there, scattered all over the literary world.
I collect and keep those little jewels, for my own joy and enlightenment, and I'll post them for yours. The site will fill up as I go along, and you'll find something new every now and then ;-)
It's entirely my own selection, so please grant me some subjectivity.

Not all of the topics are related to Ki-Aikido, some not even to Aikido. But even if not, they're all about life and living, harmony and peace, though. I hope you'll enjoy, smile, and reflect.

A Kind Word, a Soft Answer or "The Old Man, the Young man and the Drunk"
By Terry Dobson Sensei (This true narrative has been published with different titles all over the Internet.)

Aikido of Infinite Compassion   By S. J.

Why do you study Aikido?    ~~   by Dennis Hooker Sensei

Selected Essays on the AikiWeb

We Don't Fight - by George Simcox Sensei

Natural Anger - by George Simcox Sensei

The Value of Ki Study - by George Simcox Sensei

A Test Worth More Than a Thousand Words (Ki Testing) - by William Reed

Seishi (Living Calmness) versus Teishi (Dead Calmness) - by William Reed

What the "Bleep" is Ki? - "Ki" is only a Word - by Andrew LeBar Sensei

One View of Ki - A Way to Look at the Concept of Ki - by Larry Novick Sensei

INTERVIEW: Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, December 2000 - by J. Akiyama

Quotes by O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

Attitude  ~~  by Charles Swindol

Collected Stories and Parables



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